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A hot beverage brewing and dispensing machine having a brewing cylinder for receiving a hot liquid and a beverage product for brewing, a base member beneath the brewing cylinder with a brewed liquid outlet through which beverage brewed in the brewing chamber can flow, a seal between the base member ...

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Apparatus for dispensing containers, such as paper cups, each having an outwardly extending rim, from a stack of nested containers, the apparatus being adjustable to handle containers of different diameters within a range of diameters.

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A cup dispenser for dispensing cups from a stack of nested cups each of which has a rim wherein the stack being dispensed is held up in dispensing position in a dispensing opening, the lowermost cup of the stack being released to drop down and the next cup being held up to hold up the remainder of t ...

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In a beverage vendor, a cup capping mechanism in which a cap is removed from a remote location to a stationary cup station, placed on the cup and then pressed down onto the rim of the cup by a sliding motion over the upper surface of the cup beginning at one side and progressing to the other. A lock ...

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An auxiliary dispenser for a merchandise vending machine of the type comprising a cabinet, a delivery bin at the front of the cabinet, near the bottom, and means in the cabinet above the bin for dispensing merchandise to the bin, the dispenser adapted to be mounted behind the bin, below the dispensi ...

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Apparatus comprising a nozzle for dispensing a fluent solid product, e.g., a dry ingredient such as instant coffee, instant tea, sugar, coffee lightener, chocolate or soup mix, in a hot beverage vendor, having a chute for delivering the product into a mixing bowl of the vendor where the product is m ...