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A device for holding a heparin lock secured to a catheter that has been previously disposed through a body portion and into an artery of a patient. The device has a cover having a wall constructed of generally flexible material. The wall includes a face having a continuous periphery and an aperture ...

Gerald E Wagnon: Power jack and method. Wagnon Power Jack, John W Carpenter, July 24, 1990: US04943034 (18 worldwide citation)

An adaptor for a jack having a threadable jack shaft and a support platform that rises or lowers when the threadable jack shaft turns.

Delbert D Randolph, Gerald E Wagnon: John R Flanagan, September 19, 1995: US05450950 (6 worldwide citation)

A condom display and storage system simulates an audio cassette display and storage system which facilitates unobtrusive display of condoms for sale in retail stores and personal storage of condoms at an easily accessible location. The condom display and storage system includes a display and storage ...

Gerald E Wagnon: Assortment of window adornment mounting brackets. John R Flanagan, March 16, 1993: US05193775 (6 worldwide citation)

An assortment of mounting brackets for supporting window adornment attaching hardware adjacent to opposite upper corner portions and opposite side portions of a window molding attached to a wall and to a top portion of the window molding. The assortment of mounting brackets includes a pair of corner ...

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A hydrometer for determining coolant fluid antifreeze concentration includes a housing having a pair of spaced openings for inflow and outflow of coolant fluid into and from the housing, a transparent view dome mounted in flow communication with the housing, a pair of identical sets of float balls o ...