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A respiratory mask having a flexible seal that encompasses a space which is formed and adapted to receive nasal or nasal and oral portions of a user's face, the mask also having a rigid support extending continuously adjacent the perimeter of the flexible seal to support a portion thereof against ra ...

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An exhalation valve for inhalation therapy includes a base member provided with an exhalation port encircled by a valve seat for a valve closure disc, the center of which is connected to the inner end of a pin extending outwardly away from the disc and slidably mounted in a sleeve spaced from the di ...

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An exhaust valve and method for use in medical ventilation and anesthesiology therapy wherein the valve combines gas delivery and controlled exhalation or exhaust functions; also certain medical gas administering systems incorporating the novel valve and method.

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An endotracheal tube holder including an endotracheal tube platform portion having a clamp for clamping an endotracheal tube into a tube channel wherein the tube platform portion is supported with respect to the patient's head by the face plate frame secured to the face of a patient by a harness wor ...

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A resuscitation apparatus including improved mouth and nasal seal means and improved gas flow passage maintaining configurations.

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One end of an endotracheal tube is encircled by an inflatable cuff, to which is connected a tubule that extends toward the opposite end of the tube and into a valve housing having an air inlet bore from which passages extend to the tubule and to an inflatable member. The bore contains valve means no ...

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An inhalation/exhalation valve for use in conjunction with a medical respiration apparatus to maintain an adjustable positive end expiration pressure through incorporation of novel valving elements including a novel, adjustable spring for establishing and maintaining the threshhold pressure of exhal ...

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The proximal portion of a tracheostomy tube extends through an opening in the central body of a retaining member that is held against the front of the neck of a patient. A pair of laterally spaced struts at opposite sides of the opening are connected at one end to the central body. Means rigidly con ...

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A pair of laterally spaced foot treadles are hinged at their front ends to one end of a hollow base and normally are held in an inclined position by springs. Mounted between each treadle and the base is a normally inflated flexible air chamber that communicates with an air inlet and an air outlet in ...

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A tracheal tube having straight inner and outer end portions integrally connected by a curved central portion contains a cannula that can be removed from one end. The cannula is a normally straight one-piece flexible tube of plastic circumferentially corrugated from approximately its inner end outwa ...