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Pharmaceutical liposome compositions containing an anti-inflammatory steroid derivative bearing a lipophilic substituent, for example cortisol 21-hexadecanoate. Method of treatment of inflammation at a site involving an enclosed cavity, for example the treatment of rheumatic disease, comprising inje ...

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The invention concerns new topical anti-inflammatory 1-phenyl-2-aminoethanol derivatives of the general formula:

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A switching circuit comprising: first and second steering switches operable to make or break a path between first and second terminals thereof, and each steering switch further having a control terminal for controlling the switch, the first and second steering switches having their control terminals ...

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2-(2-Hydroxy-3-phenoxypropylamino)ethylphenoxyacetamide compounds are disclosed as useful in the treatment of obesity and related conditions. Processes for their preparation are described, as are novel intermediates and pharmaceutical compositions containing them.

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A frequency agile voltage controlled oscillator is provided in which amplitude control is performed by digitally controlling the current supplied to the oscillator from a current source (10). The use of digital control means that phase noise performance of the oscillator is not degraded by the intro ...

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A transmit power control system includes: an output power estimator for estimating a transmit power of a transmitter; and a transmit power controller responsive to the output power estimator and to compare this with a requested power in order to calculate a target power which takes account of errors ...


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A signal processing system has a first, digitally controlled, gain element, a second, analogue controlled, gain element and a gain control unit configured to receive a gain request signal and to generate a first gain control signal to be input to the first gain element and a second gain control sign ...

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The invention concerns novel glyceride esters of anti-bacterial halogenated phenols having the formula I in which Ra and Rb are independently (3-20C)alkyl or (3-20C)alkenyl; Rc and Rd are independently chloro or bromo; Re is hydrogen, chloro or bromo; and A is (1-6C)alkylene optionally bearing one o ...

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A low drop out voltage regulator, comprising first and second field effect transistors arranged in series between a regulator input and a regulator output; a third field effect transistor co-operating with the first field effect transistor to form a first current mirror; a fourth field effect transi ...