Harvey J Young, George W Fearrington Jr: Tobacco reconstitution process. R J Reynolds Tobacco Company, March 31, 1992: US05099864 (58 worldwide citation)

Reconstituted tobacco material is provided by forming a slurry of tobacco dust in water and providing the slurry at a near neutral pH. The slurry is contacted with diammonium hydrogen orthophosphate, and the slurry is maintained at about 140.degree. F. for about 1 hour. The pH of the slurry then is ...

Andrew J Sensabaugh Jr, Dewitt C Crepps, William Y Rice Jr, George W Fearrington Jr: Tobacco product. R J Reynolds Tobacco Co, Herbert J Bluhm, October 8, 1985: US04545392 (44 worldwide citation)

A smokeless tobacco product is disclosed which contains cut or otherwise comminuted tobacco treated with a particulated gum composition that adheres as a discontinuous coating to the surface of the tobacco. The gum composition provides improved "gathering" characteristics and other benefits when the ...

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