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Efficient, regenerable sorbents for removal of H.sub.2 S from high temperature gas streams comprise porous, high surface area particles. A first class of sorbents comprise a thin film of binary oxides that form a eutectic at the temperature of the gas stream coated onto a porous, high surface area r ...

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A method for lining a porous tube (5) with a film (11) of SiO.sub.2 is described. The treated tube may be used to separate hydrogen from reaction mixtures such as those resulting from the water-gas shift reaction or the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen sulfide.

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A method of chlorinolysis of coal in an organic solvent at a moderate temperature and atmospheric pressure has been proven to be effective in removing sulfur, particularly the organic sulfur, from coal. Chlorine gas is bubbled through a slurry of moist coal in chlorinated solvent. The chlorinated co ...

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Methods of forming permselective oxide membranes that are highly selective to permeation of hydrogen by chemical deposition of reactants in the pore of porous tubes, such as Vycor.TM. glass or Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 tubes. The porous tubes have pores extending through the tube wall. The process involves f ...

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A method of forming inorganic membranes which are highly selective to permeation of hydrogen by temporarily forming a carbon barrier in the pores of a porous substrate, followed by chemical deposition of SiO.sub.2, B.sub.2 O.sub.3, TiO.sub.2, Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 and mixtures thereof in the pores, follo ...

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Methods are described for impregnating coal with calcium carbonate by utilizing an aqueous phase ionic reaction between calcium acetate, calcium hydroxide, and water with CO.sub.2 contained within the coal. The coal is enriched in CO.sub.2 by contacting it with CO.sub.2 at high pressure, in either a ...