Randy Ekl
Randy L Ekl, George Popovich, Shmuel Silverman, Robert D LoGalbo: Method for performing a seamless handoff in a communication system. Motorola, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, June 6, 2006: US07058030 (5 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for performing handoff in a communication system of access points and a mobile station, where the mobile station is associated with a first access point. The first access point receives a first transmission at a first signal quality from the mobile station and receives a second ...

Randy Ekl
George Popovich, Randy L Ekl: Utilization of cognitive radios with mobile virtual private network (mvpn) solutions. Motorola, Motorola, November 5, 2009: US20090275286-A1

A method (300, 350) and a mobile system (140) of persisting a mobile communication session over a mobile virtual private network (MVPN) (170). Cognitive radio state information (150) representing a present state of at least one available cognitive radio communication link (180, 182) can be processed ...

Mike Korus, Dan McDonald, Mario DeRango, George Popovich, John W Maher: Wireless communication system incorporating multicast addressing and method for use. Motorola, Val Jean F Hillman, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, August 31, 2004: US06785254 (19 worldwide citation)

A Packet Network for use in association with a wireless communication system employs packet distribution and call set-up methods optimized to select from a plurality of network routing devices, a single node (i.e., Rendezvous Point (VP) or.multicast core) as a function of attributes exhibited by the ...

Anthony E Metke, Adam C Lewis, George Popovich: Method and system for mutual authentication of nodes in a wireless communication network. Motorola Solutions, Randi L Karpinia, August 16, 2011: US08001381 (12 worldwide citation)

A method as provided enables mutual authentication of nodes in a wireless communication network. The method includes processing at a first node a beacon message received from a second node, wherein the beacon message comprises a first nonce value (step 405). An association request message comprising ...

George Popovich: Method for improving packet delivery in an unreliable environment. Motorola, Val Jean F Hillman, Terri S Hughes, Indira Saladi, August 3, 2004: US06771593 (10 worldwide citation)

A packet delivery method employs redundant path definitions to improve reliability in a packet delivery system.

Anthony R Metke, Katrin Reitsma, Adam C Lewis, George Popovich, Steven D Upp: Method and apparatus for single sign-on collaboration among mobile devices. Motorola Solutions, Steven A May, Kenneth A Haas, July 15, 2014: US08782766 (5 worldwide citation)

A system for, and method of, single sign-on collaboration among a plurality of mobile devices, includes a server for issuing a first identity token to subsequently authenticate a user of a first of the mobile devices to a service provider, and for generating and sending a collaboration credential to ...

Vidya Narayanan, Christophe Janneteau, George Popovich: Method and apparatus for IP multicasting. Motorola, Valerie M Davis, April 20, 2010: US07701937 (5 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for multicast communication, wherein the apparatus is configured for performing the method that includes the steps of: communicating (210) a request to a server to join a first multicast group, the first multicast group associated with a first multicast address; determining (2 ...

Vidya Narayanan, Tyrone D Bekiares, Matthew C Keller, George Popovich: Method for optimized local routing between mobile nodes. Motorola, Valerie M Davis, April 17, 2007: US07206859 (5 worldwide citation)

In a system (100) that includes at least one mobility server (40, 50), at least one edge mobility agent (60) and a plurality of mobile nodes (20, 30), a method for local routing between two mobile nodes that includes the steps of: receiving a first care-of address for a first mobile node; detecting ...

George Popovich, Vidya Narayanan: Regional registration for a mobile IP enabled system. Motorola, Valerie M Davis, June 27, 2006: US07069338 (5 worldwide citation)

A registration method in a system having a hierarchical structure (100) that includes a mobile node (20), at least one FA (42), at least one GFA (40) and an HA (30). The method includes the steps of: intercepting (210) a registration request (300) from a mobile node to its HA, the registration reque ...

Narayanan Vidya, Tyrone D Bekiares, Matthew C Keller, George Popovich, Narayanan Venkitaraman: Optimized tunneling methods in a network. Motorola Solutions, Valerie M Davis, November 29, 2011: US08068499 (4 worldwide citation)

A method for minimizing tunnels in a network, apparatus and computer-readable storage medium having computer readable code stored thereon for programming a computer to perform the method. The method includes the steps of: obtaining state information associated with a first node connected to a mobile ...