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An apparatus (100) including a support structure (104), a flexible stamp (106) having a stamping surface (110) including a predetermined pattern disposed opposite the support structure (104), a pressure controlled chamber (112) disposed above the support structure (104), and a mechanical attachment ...

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A method of performing a binding assay which comprises the steps of separating a plurality of sample fragments into a plurality of subsamples and applying each of the plurality of subsamples to a respective one of a plurality of binding assays. A system which performs the aforementioned steps is als ...

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A bar code display apparatus includes a time-varying nonpredictable code generator (12) and a display device (14) responsive to the time-varying nonpredictable code generator (12) to display a time-varying nonpredictable bar code. The display device can provide a scrolling display by displaying a su ...

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Means and methods for obtaining the separation of large area semiconductor pitaxial device layers from the substrates on which they are grown, the transfer of the grown epi layers to a new host substrate for mounted alignment with features of the new host, and reuse of the original substrate.

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An assay dispensing apparatus comprises a plurality of filling ports (366) arranged in a two-dimensional pattern and a plurality of outlets (376) in fluidic communication with the plurality of filling ports (366). The outlets (376) are arranged in a one-dimensional pattern.

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A target molecule at a binding site is detected using an optical waveguide having a surface proximate to the binding site, and a waveguide detector coupled to the optical waveguide. An incident light beam is applied to the binding site along an axis transverse to the surface of the optical waveguide ...

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A micro-contact printing stamp (100) includes a flexible layer (104) made from an elastomer and having a stamping surface (105). Flexible layer (104) is attached to a support structure (102).

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An apparatus (95) and method for patterning a surface of an article (30), the apparatus (95) including a large-area stamp (50) for forming a self-assembled monolayer (36) (SAM) of a molecular species (38) on the surface (34) of a layer (32) of resist material, which is formed on the surface of the a ...

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A micro-contact printing apparatus includes a pressure chamber with a micro-contact printing stamp, a vacuum chuck, elastomeric membrane and mechanical stops attached to the vacuum chuck and positioned within the chamber. An extractor pin is attached to the chamber and accessible externally. The mic ...

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A first sensor (18) for electrically sensing a molecular binding event includes a receptor-supporting element (20) into which a reagent is diffusable, at least one molecular receptor (22) supported by the receptor-supporting element (20), and a first electrode (24) embedded in the receptor-supportin ...