George J Greene Jr: Cooling cover. Vinson & Elkins, April 28, 1987: US04660388 (135 worldwide citation)

A cooling cover (10) has an air inflatable pad (16) which may be positioned within a pocket (20) of a coverlet (18). The pad (16) formed of air impermeable material has plenum chambers (28) at opposite ends thereof, and a plurality of individual longitudinally extending passages (26) extend between ...

George J Greene Jr: Wind guard attachment for portable gas cookers. C W Alworth, November 9, 1999: US05979428 (21 worldwide citation)

A retrofitable wind screen for portable gas cookers. The device, made of sheet metal, readily adjusts to fit almost any portable gas cooker and fits around the outside of the cooker frame extending a minimum of three inches above the cooker grate. The device shields the gas flame from the effects of ...

George J Greene Jr: Retrofitable passenger or cargo carrier for a golf cart. Charles W Alworth, Ronald B Sefrna, July 4, 1995: US05429290 (13 worldwide citation)

A retrofitable passenger/cargo carrier unit for standard utility golf carts is disclosed. The passenger/cargo carrier unit is designed to be retrofitable to any passenger type golf cart and is mountable to the cart without drilling holes in the cart through the use of adjustable clamps which hold on ...

George J Greene Jr: Planter and method of producing same. Vinson & Elkins, November 18, 1986: US04622777 (11 worldwide citation)

A rotatable planter and a method of producing such planter wherein the planter includes a thermoplastic tube with a plurality of pockets therein, a bottom and means for supporting the tube so that it is rotatable either by the wind to which it is exposed or by a stand on which it is supported. The i ...

George J Greene Jr: Blast joint and protection element therefor. Weatherford Stonebor, Vinson & Elkins, May 3, 1983: US04381821 (11 worldwide citation)

A protection structure for a tubular member, such as a blast joint, and a protection element therefore which is an abrasion resistant half sleeve with an inward facing tongue and groove along one axial edge, an outward facing tongue and groove along the other axial edge, a groove in one arcuate end ...

George J Greene Jr: Fluid injecting method and apparatus. Vinson & Elkins, May 22, 1984: US04449543 (7 worldwide citation)

A fluid injector suitable for injecting a fluid into a flowline having a fluid under pressure therein in which a piston divides the interior of a hollow body into a power chamber and a pumping chamber with a piston rod extending through the pumping chamber to the exterior of the body, fluid filling ...

George J Greene Jr: Offshore personnel transfer system. C W Alworth, October 30, 2001: US06309160 (3 worldwide citation)

An Offshore Personnel Transfer System moving men and materials between an offshore platform, or any oil and gas facility such as semi-submersibles, jack-ups, and the like, and a workboat is disclosed. The system does NOT require any special equipment on the workboat and is self powered deriving its ...