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A self-gripping device is disclosed and includes a plurality of thin bristle-like gripping elements attached in close proximity to each other to a base. Each of the gripping elements have self gripping means spaced along the length thereof and they extend substantially perpendicularly from the base ...

George C Brumlik: Self-gripping devices with flexible self-gripping means and method. Sprung Felfe Horn Lynch & Kramer, April 22, 1980: US04198734 (268 worldwide citation)

Self-gripping devices having a base with a plurality of the gripping element attached are disclosed. The gripping elements are capable of releasably self-gripping fibrous materials without damaging same include a stiffly rigid stem with at least one flexible self-gripping means attached thereto. The ...

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Self-gripping devices are disclosed and include a base having one or more integral trains of generally upright gripping elements which are adapted to penetrate and become lodged in a receiving material and especially receiving materials containing fibrils to form a self-gripping connection. The grip ...

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Extruded articles having integral ribs and/or integral rows of spaced apart elements extending transverse to the direction of extrusion are formed by forcing a melt flowable material such as a thermoplastic polymer through an extrusion opening. The material is continuously extruded in a first latera ...

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An apparatus for treatment of a human body having an enclosure equipped with an inlet and outlet is described wherein the inlet is in fluid communication with a source of liquid under pressure. A portion of the enclosure is provided with an open treatment zone. Opposite the inlet is an obstacle such ...

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Three-dimensional articles are molded from materials capable of flow utilizing

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A textile multi-filament yarn having individual filaments cohered together at least in part by individual interfilamentary bridges, which bridges are disposed within the multi-filament yarn to join the filaments thereof so as to render the yarn structurally frozen so that at least a part of the indi ...

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Linear elements such as filaments having grafted nibs are disclosed. The grafted nibs are generally fibrils and/or scales which can be flexible or rigid. The nibs can be randomly grafted onto the linear element or they can be inclined or oriented in one direction so as to offer relatively little res ...

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A nuclear fusion device comprising a condensed phase fuel element and accelerated ion beams which ionize and compress the fuel element and initiate nuclear fusion reactions. In one of the embodiment beams comprising electrons in addition to ions are employed. A method is provided comprising synchron ...

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Cellular linear filaments are disclosed and include a substantially continuous, integral plastic hollow member having internal generally transverse partitions which divide the hollow member into cells. The wall of the hollow member can be continuous or can contain orifices, slits, windows and the li ...