George Bishop: Apparatus for holding rolled-up plans or maps. Geoffrey A Mantoot, April 8, 1997: US05617960 (17 worldwide citation)

The apparatus has horizontally oriented top, bottom, and middle plates. The top and middle plates have openings therein, which openings receive rolled up plans. Each opening in the top plate is aligned with an opening in the middle plate. The plans, when stored in the apparatus, are vertically orien ...

Peter George Bishop: Electrical connectors. AVX, Dority & Manning P A, October 19, 1999: US05967800 (9 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector for interconnecting circuit boards has an insulating body with adjacently disposed recesses defined along at least one of its sides and open at the sides. A connector element is disposed in each of the recesses having a contact foot extending outwardly from the recess for mou ...

Peter George Bishop: Board-to-board electrical connectors. AVX, Dority & Manning, May 14, 2002: US06386889 (4 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector for connecting two adjacent printed circuit boards comprising an electrically insulating body on which are mounted connector elements. Each element has a first portion for electrically contacting a part of one board, and a second portion for contacting a part of the adjacent ...



Mark Lait, George Bishop: Treatment and prophylaxis of radiation dermatitis. WATER JEL EUROPE, Leason Ellis, October 16, 2018: US10098912

The present disclosure relates to topical formulations comprising purified water, milk protein fluid and thickener, in particular a hydrogel and a lotion, and their use in treatment of radiation dermatitis, in particular in a two-step process for the treatment of radiation dermatitis.


Emma Pawson, Caroline Birrane, Michael David Cooper, David George Bishop, Emma Baxter: Personal care composition. Salter & Michaelson, The Heritage Building, January 13, 2005: US20050008606-A1

An antibacterial personal care composition comprising at least one surfactant and at least one pH modifier said composition having a pH in the range of from 3.5 to 6.0. The composition further comprises at least one cationic polymer such that the composition is selectively active against transient b ...