George A Mahoff: Flexible coupling. Hydraflow Supply, February 10, 1981: US04249786 (54 worldwide citation)

A fixed cavity, integral bonded, flexible coupling for joining ferrule terminated tubing ends in an aircraft environment in which a clam shell coupling is spring loaded at its hinges so as to bias it toward an open configuration. The clam shell coupling latches in a closed configuration by means of ...

George A Mahoff: High pressure plastic pipe coupling. Hydraflow Supply, February 24, 1981: US04252349 (10 worldwide citation)

A high pressure plastic pipe coupling in which a formed in situ annular wedge converts axial loads on a flanged ring to compressive hoop stress loads on a reinforced resin pipe.

George A Mahoff: Snubber. Hydraflow Supply, December 28, 1976: US03999745 (7 worldwide citation)

A snubber having a seal assembly in which a seal having a generally U-shaped cross section encircling a reciprocating rod is engaged with a separate integral wedge element in such a way that radial loads are applied so as to force the outer lip of the seal outwardly and the inner lip of the seal inw ...