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A dual-polarized multiband antenna includes first and second radiating element modules having first and second dipole elements. First dipole elements are positioned at right angles to one another to transmit and/or receive radiation in the first frequency band range with two linear orthogonal polari ...

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In order to create a directional antenna, in particular a dipole antenna, that is improved over the prior art, can be produced and is designed comparatively simply, and furthermore has further improved electrical properties, it is provided that the symmetrizer (7) is made from the material of the re ...

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An antenna array for simultaneous reception or for simultaneous transmission of electromagnetic waves having two linear, orthogonal polarizations has a decoupling device (17) between adjacent radiating element modules (1). This decoupling device is provided between two radiating element modules (1) ...

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A dual-polarized antenna system is provided for transmitting or receiving electromagnetic waves. The antenna system has at least one cruciform radiating element module that is aligned using dipoles or in the form of a patch radiating element, at angles of +45° and −45° with respect to vertical. ...

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A bioactive ceramic material for dental fillings and crowns on the basis of calcium phosphate compounds contains crystallites of sparingly water-soluble calcium phosphate compounds in an amorphous, vitreous or polycrystalline matrix of readily water-soluble calcium phosphate compounds, the Ca/P-atom ...

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Process of applying a self-adhesive film to a surface of an automobile or other vehicle. Later removal of the film is facilitated by first applying a parting layer to the surface, except for surface regions being covered by the perimeter and certain other areas of the self-adhesive film.