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Image or audio content data is encoded to steganographically convey plural bit auxiliary data. The content data is thereafter subjected to lossy compression/decompression, and the auxiliary data can still be recovered and used, e.g., to control associated audio or video equipment.

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A wireless phone is equipped with a 2D optical sensor, enabling a variety of applications. For example, such a phone may also be provided with a digital watermark decoder, permitting decoding of steganographic data on imaged objects. Movement of a phone may be inferred by sensing movement of an imag ...

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By printing documents and other objects with machine readable indicia, such as steganographic digital watermarks or barcodes, a great variety of document management functions can be enabled. The indicia can be added as part of the printing process (after document data has been output by an originati ...

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Various improvements to steganographic systems, and applications therefore, are disclosed. The improvements include facilitating scale and rotation registration for steganographic decoding by use of rotationally symmetric steganographically embedded patterns and subliminal digital graticules; improv ...

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A physical medium is encoded with machine readable information that provides a human interface to a computer system. The information encoded into the medium indicates a computer implemented process, and is encoded according to a spectral encoding scheme, such as encoding by modifying color values of ...

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Media objects are transformed into active, connected objects via identifiers embedded into them or their containers. In the context of a user's playback experience, a decoding process extracts the identifier from a media object and possibly additional context information and forwards it to a server. ...

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Multi-bit auxiliary information is hidden in imagery (e.g., digital photographs, video), using steganographic techniques. Such information can be used for various purposes, including identifying imagery as originating from a particular source, copy control, etc. In some embodiments, one image is enc ...

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Methods and systems for associating watermark enabled objects with machine behaviors. Machine behaviors refer to actions by devices or systems in response to a triggering event. Examples of these behaviors include fetching a web page, opening an email client to send an email to a specific person, in ...

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Fingerprint data derived from audio or other content is used as an identifier. The fingerprint data can be derived from the content. In one embodiment, fingerprint data supplied from two or more sources is aggregated. The aggregated fingerprint data is used to define a set of audio signals. An audio ...

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Digital data is steganographically encoded in printed materials, and—when sensed by an appropriately-equipped webcam or other imaging device—can be used to link to associated electronic resources. Data hidden in a business card, for example, may enable linking to a person's electronic calendar— ...