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A storage router (56) and storage network (50) provide virtual local storage on remote SCSI storage devices (60, 62, 64) to Fiber Channel devices. A plurality of Fiber Channel devices, such as workstations (58), are connected to a Fiber Channel transport medium (52), and a plurality of SCSI storage ...


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A Fibre Channel to SCSI Addressing method and system is provided. The system associates with a Fibre Channel and a SCSI bus. The system further maintains a Fibre Channel to SCSI routing table (90) and a SCSI to Fibre Channel routing table (92). The system receives a cross bus transfer of data that o ...




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A driver bundle including a compressed, executable and self-extracting host driver prepended to an adapter card driver to form a single executable driver bundle. The driver bundle has a size less than the maximum allowable size for a command file, which is 64 Kbytes as defined by MS-DOS.RTM.. The co ...


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A method and system for detecting and correcting error conditions on sequential devices in a private loop direct access fiber channel network respectively include the steps and instructions for determining the state of an exchange using an initiator and initiating an appropriate sequence level recov ...