John William Sliwa Jr, Paul E Chandler, John D Marshall, Gelston Howell, S Lawrence Marple Jr, Sassan Shahidi: Motion--Monitoring method and system for medical devices. Acuson Corporation, Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, September 19, 2000: US06122538 (266 worldwide citation)

A system and method for tracking the position and orientation of a movable medical imaging device using a first and second sensor disposed on the device. The second sensor is of a different type than the first sensor and measures a P/O parameter different from that of the first sensor. The system an ...

Scott M Westbrook, Gelston Howell: High density electrical interconnection device and method therefor. Digital Equipment Corporation, January 11, 1994: US05278727 (11 worldwide citation)

A high density electrical interconnection device provides a uniform complementary pattern of thieving lines on both X and Y interconnect layers of the high density device to provide for uniform plating of the copper conductors, as well as reducing both nonuniformity and the amount of contraction and ...

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