Gary P Staniszewski, Surendra D Narayan: Free running and cinching latch plate. Allied Signal, September 24, 1991: US05050274 (20 worldwide citation)

A latch plate assembly (10) comprising: a plate (12) having a tongue (14) formed at one end (16) thereof, a back portion (18) opposite the tongue (14) and a first opening formed in the back portion (18); a web guide (40), is positioned about the back portion (18) which includes an elevated member (4 ...

Robert Mader, Gary P Staniszewski: Free running cinching connector. Allied Signal, Markell Seitzman, July 18, 1989: US04848794 (15 worldwide citation)

A safety belt connector fitting is disclosed in association with a three-point safety belt harness wherein the connector fitting is mounted on a mid-portion of the belt to be releasably anchored to an associated push button type buckle positioned inboard of the vehicle passenger seat. The slide bar ...

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