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A simulcast transmission system is provided where a reference signal transmitted from a central station is utilized to phase-lock transmitters located at remote stations. The remote stations include a receiver for receiving the transmitted reference signal and a signal conditioner for conditioning t ...

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A telephone system employs a novel message system for calling parties. The switch controller includes selectable and programmable announcement machines, while the telephone devices include indicators which allow call transferees the ability to determine the reason the call was transferred, e.g., the ...

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The operational status of equipment located at a base station is reported to a remote control terminal. The same audio channel that is used for sending audio signals and control signals to the base station is also used to carry the report signal. The control signals to the base station and the repor ...

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A control console including a transceiver, a plurality of terminal stations positioned at spaced apart locations remote from the console and each including a transceiver connected to the console by RF or a wire line, and a plurality of call boxes positioned at spaced apart locations adjacent to each ...

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There is provided a scheme for centering data prior to detection. It comprises: determining carrier frequency error, and pre-adjusting the data detection process to compensate for that error throughout the ensuing data detection. This scheme for reliable multi-level data detection further comprises: ...