Gao Lihong, Hu Jinhong: A preparation method of traditional chinese medicine ligusticum wallichii injection. Pla Second Military Medical University, dingzhen yang, April 9, 2008: CN200710046246

The invention relates to a method for preparing Chinese medicine and chuanxiong rhizome injection. The method belongs to the medicine technical field, and comprises the steps that the chuanxiong rhizome is produced into fine powder, chuanxiong rhizome oil is extracted from the chuanxiong rhizome fin ...






Chen Zhenwen, Qi Lijing, Zhang Chunsheng, Cao Keming, Jiang Xiaozhong, Tang Yang, Gao Lihong, Li Jinrong: Folded line type concrete panel rock-fill dam and construction method thereof. East China Hydroelectric Investigation &Amp Design Institute Of China Hydropower Co, hanxiao yan, October 15, 2008: CN200810062182

The invention relates to a broken line type concrete face rock-fill dam and a method for constructing the same. The technical problem resolved by the invention is to provide a face rock-fill dam and a method for constructing the same, by which the dam body can be designed in accordance with topograp ...

Liu Bing, Song Guangxun, Wang Junyun, Gao Lihong, Wang Yanli, Liu Weili: Process for producing epoxidation hexahydrophthalic acid di-octyl. Henan Qing an Chemical High Tech, Shi Lixin, April 8, 2009: CN200810230764

The invention relates to a process for producing epoxidationdioctyl cyclohexane phthalate. THPA and octanol are used as raw materials, and have esterification reaction under the action of catalyst to produce tetrahydrochysene dioctylphthalate; when the esterification reaction finishes, an overoxidat ...



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