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This specification describes a virtual memory system in which a set of conversion tables is used to translate an arbitrarily assigned programming designation called a virtual address into an actual main memory location called a real address. To avoid the necessity of translating the same addresses o ...


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Dispositif pouvant utiliser des pages partageables entre différents espaces d'adresses identifies par des tables de segments définies en 50.

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Improved processor performance when dealing with variable field length operands is achieved by incorporating a fetching mechanism A9 which can operate in an overlapped mode with the instruction execution unit EF. Further improvement is provided by aligning operands within the fetching mechanism A13 ...


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SYNONYM CONTROL MEANS FOR MULTIPLE VIRTUAL STORAGE SYSTEMS ABSTRACTThe embodiments relate to special controls in aprocessor which eliminate synonym entries in a translationlookaside buffer (DLAT) and their corresponding pageduplication in main storage for a system which has DLAT entries that can con ...

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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The disclosure provides a unique high-speed hardware arrangement for generating double-level address translations in combination with a translation look-aside buffer (TLB) structure that can store and lookup intermediate translations during a double-level translation. The ...


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PURPOSE: To provide a coherence directory in order that a cache dedicated to a processor controls data coherence and an operation method therefor, in a multiprocessor system. CONSTITUTION: The coherence directory offers a mutual invalidation (XI) control to assign an exclusive proprietary right and ...