Ootsuji Masaaki, Matsui Masatake, Fuwa Masaru, Takahashi Kiyoshi: Production of electrical conductors covered with crosslinked material. Mitsubishi Petrochemical, Dainichi Nihon Densen Kabushiki Kaisha, Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner, February 25, 1975: US3868436 (35 worldwide citation)

In the production of cables covered with a cross-linked material by feeding a conductor and a cross-linkable material covering the conductor through a long land portion of an extruding die unit, the length and the operational temperature in the land portion being selected so that the cross-linking r ...

Fuwa Masaru, Takahashi Kiyoshi, Otsuji Masaaki, Matsui Masatake: Method for forming and vulcanizing vulcanizable materials. Mitsubishi Petrochemical, Dainichi Nippon Cables, Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner, December 23, 1975: US3928525 (17 worldwide citation)

An improvement is provided in the forming and vulcanizing of organic peroxide vulcanizable polymers in a long-land die by the use of a special class of forming coagents characterized byA. a viscosity of at least 0.5 centi-stokes and at most 3,000 centi-stokes at 235.degree.C.,b. an absorption ratio ...

Fuwa Masaru: Production darticles composites longs armes de fibres, Production of elongated fiber-reinforced composite articles. Mitsubishi Petrochemical, MACRAE & CO, October 25, 1983: CA1155627

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE In the pultrusion of a fiber-reinforced plastic,an elongated fiber material impregnated with athermosetting resin prior to setting is introduced intoa long-land die, in which a thermoplastic resin and alubricant are successively applied onto the outersurface of the impregn ...



Fuwa Masaru: Deformed lightweight pressure container. Mitsubishi Chem, December 22, 1998: JP1998-338038

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide light weight and sufficient pressure resistance by forming a rib, in which at least a part is constructed of highly elastic long fiber, in a thermoplastic plastic liner with an elliptic cross section shape. SOLUTION: A liner 4 made of thermoplastic plastic is shaped ...

Fuwa Masaru: Joint for branch pipe connection. Mitsubishi Petrochem, September 17, 1993: JP1993-240390

PURPOSE: To attain a joint for branch pipe connection which can be installed on an existing corrugate double wall pipe in a short time, easily and surely. CONSTITUTION: This joint is provided with a saddle part 3 which is connected to the outer periphery of a corrugate double wall pipe P, the first ...

Fuwa Masaru: Connection structure for corrugate double wall pipe to branch pipe connection joint. Mitsubishi Petrochem, September 17, 1993: JP1993-240391

PURPOSE: To connect a joint for branch pipe connection and an existing corrugate double wall pipe to each other in a short time easily and surely. CONSTITUTION: A joint T for branch pipe connection consists of a saddle part 3 jointed to the outer periphery of a corrugate double wall pipe P, the firs ...