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The present invention relates to methods useful for the treatment of neoplastic diseases, tumor cells, and the treatment of cancer delivering compounds of the formula


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A direct methanol fuel cell unit is provided with a fuel cell including an anode, a cathode with a hydrophobic microporous layer, an electrolyte membrane put in-between, and a fuel supply path supplying fuel to the anode. The fuel supply path is provided with an upwind water barrier preventing back- ...

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A direct oxidation fuel cell system includes a membrane electrode assembly (MEA), a high concentration fuel and an oxidant source. Embodiments include a controller for adjusting the oxidant stoichiometric ratio or air flow to maximize the liquid water phase in the cathode exhaust and minimize the wa ...

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A mobile gateway device collects identities of a first set of radio nodes which are within one hop of the mobile gateway; and checks at least the collected identities against a first table and a second table. The first table lists node identities and corresponding data validity timers. The second ta ...

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The present invention discloses a system and a method for presenting network hotspot information and relates to the field of network information technologies. The system comprises: a web page capturing module configured to capture a web page containing network hotspot information on a current networ ...

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An efficient combined advanced treatment method of electroplating wastewater is disclosed, which belongs to the technical field of electroplating wastewater treatment. The method includes: after pretreatments including cyanide breaking, dechromization and coagulating sedimentation, introducing the e ...

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The present invention discloses a device for Fenton fluidized-bed process and a method applying the device for wastewater treatment. It belongs to the wastewater treatment field. The device comprises an adjusting tank, a lift pump and a main reaction column. The adjusting tank is connected to a wate ...

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This invention relates to the field of resin, particularly to a magnetic, acrylic strongly basic anion exchange microsphere resin and its manufacturing method. Its basic structure is as follow: wherein its matrix contains magnetic grains and A is a group containing quaternary ammonium salts; the man ...

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A direct oxidation fuel cell anode system includes an anode; a circulation loop in fluid communication with the anode and including a circulation pump, the circulation pump being configured to circulate a circulating liquid in the circulation loop; a fuel cartridge; and a fuel pump in fluid communic ...