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A semiconductor chip carrier, an electronic module having the semiconductor chip carrier mounted therein, and an electronic device incorporating the electronic module. A semiconductor chip carrier comprises a multi-layer wiring substrate including a multi-layer ceramic board, and a thin film circuit ...

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A semiconductor resin package structure formed according to the flip-chip connection method and permitting to cool the rear surface of semiconductor chips, comprising semiconductor chip and carrier substrate which is soldered on one surface thereof to electrodes of the semiconductor chip according t ...

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An electronic apparatus having a plurality of semiconductor devices which produce heat during operation, with a heat sink having a plurality of tabular or pin-type fins is provided on each semiconductor device. Nozzles are associated with the heat sinks so as to supply a cooling fluid into the heat ...

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A cooling system for cooling an electronic device by allowing a cooling fluid to flow in contact with heat generating components such as LSI chips of the electronic device arranged in series along the major flow of the cooling fluid. The cooling system has heat radiation fins attached to the heat-ge ...

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A substrate and semiconductor chips are connected by solder bumps and a vacant space around the solder bumps is coated with resin in such a degree that the tops of the semiconductor chips are not coated therewith. Epoxy resin or a resin having a smaller thermal expansion coefficient than the epoxy r ...

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A cooling module for integrated circuit chips comprising a plurality of integrated circuit chips mounted on a wiring substrate, cooling members respectively provided for integrated circuit chips, each of the cooling members having therein space for circulating the coolant, and flexible pipes connect ...

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In a cooling structure for electronic apparatus in which cards consisting of electronic components mounted on circuit boards are arranged in parallel on a motherboard. A pressure adjustment device with holes is arranged in a cooling air flow passage of each card. The area of the holes is selected in ...

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A cooling system for an electronic apparatus comprises a plurality of mother boards each having a circuit board to be cooled, a blower for causing an air flow from one of the mother boards to the other, and a draft duct for directing the air flow between the mother boards.

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A cooling device for providing cooling of integrated circuit semiconductor chips is so arranged as to transfer a heat via thin fin members which are fitted with each other with a small clearance. The bottom surface of one of thermal conductive members which is provided integrally with the fin member ...

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A cooling structure for cooling a multi-chip module by a heat sink is disclosed in which the heat sink is disposed above the multi-chip module in a state that heat-conductive grease is sandwiched between the heat sink and the module cap of the multi-chip module, and the heat sink, the module cap and ...