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An automatic chemical analyzing apparatus including a cuvette assembly having a plurality of rows of reaction tubes arranged in respective sample magazines, each sample magazine being conveyed sequentially in a direction perpendicular to the transverse row of reaction tubes, and then in a direction ...

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This invention relates to a multi-beam antenna and a method of configuring the same, where the antenna consists of a main reflector, a plurality of horns for exciting the main reflector, and separate sub-reflectors for correcting phase errors of respective beams caused by reflection at the main refl ...

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A device for determining a setting value of a shape operating amount in a continuous rolling mill having shape controlling means therein. As rolling conditions such as thicknesses, width, rolling loads, roll crown, incoming crown, and incoming flatness are inputted, shape operating amounts are set t ...

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Printed decorative paper having a three dimensional pattern comprises base paper 1, a printed design layer 2 formed of a water-based ink as an undercoat on a surface of the base paper, an overlying printed design pattern layer 3 formed of a water-based curable ink containing a repellent in harmony w ...

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A quadrupole mass spectrometer generates a stream of ionized particles which are modulated by an AC voltage and transmitted through a quadrupole analyzer to a detection unit. The detection unit detects at a collector electrode thereof a modulated ion current which is fed to a phase detector. The pha ...

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A telecentric projection lens system comprises, in order from the magnifying side to the reducing side, a positive power first lens group including, in order from the magnifying side, at least first and second concave meniscus lens elements and one cemented lens element, a negative power second lens ...

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In a quadrupole mass spectrometer which measures partial pressure strength according to a gas type in a vacuum system from ion current intensity, a quadrupole mass spectrometer with a total pressure measurement electrode has a total pressure measurement electrode for examining an ion density dispose ...

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A bright wide-angle infrared lens, suitable for a wavelength band of 8 to 12 &mgr;m, having favorable imaging performances comprises, successively from the object side, a first lens L

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A semilunar recess affixed to a key cap of a keyboard switch is snapped over a swing rod, rotatably affixed to a key seat, during assembly of the keyboard switch. The swing rod is supported by the key seat in a position permitting the semilunar recess to snap onto it. This arrangement permits single ...

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A double-axis key switch has a key cap with a pair of key stems which slide into a housing to actuate a pair of switches. The key stems are slightly out of parallel so that the axes of the key stems meet in a direction of stroke relative to the key cap. However, the sleeves, into which the key stems ...