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An automatic immunoassay apparatus utilizes cartridges each having at least two wells, a first well containing solid phase material carrying antigen or antibody, and a second well containing antibody or antigen labelled with labelling compound. The wells may be sealed with a suitable sealing film be ...

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In an integrator illumination type illumination optical system, the opening shapes of respective lenses at first and second lens array plates (surfaces) are made substantially conformable to the shape of an area to be illuminated and predetermined conditional expressions are satisfied, thereby secur ...

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An infrared zoom lens comprises, in order from the subject end to the image end, a positive power first lens group having lens elements less than three, a negative power second lens group having lens elements less than three, a third lens group having a single meniscus lens element with a concave su ...

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A thermal transfer color printer according to the present invention thermal inkribbon having heat-fusible color materials in a plurality of colors divided in the feed direction, a thermal head which moves relative to a print paper in order to cause the selective thermal transfer of the color materia ...

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A calling location and a receiving location are analyzed by called party number analysis means by processing a called party number for specifying a communication terminal at the receiving side transmitted by a communication terminal at the calling side is processed, a charging unit price is determin ...

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A cooling and dust collecting apparatus for machine tool for cooling a cutter mounted on a rotating spindle and for sucking and exhausting cutting chips to the outside of the apparatus is disclosed, which comprises a cooling and dust collecting housing surrounding the rotating spindle and the cutter ...

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An ISDN-user-network interface system comprising an interface buffer and an interface adapter. The interface buffer provided between an ISDN network terminal equipment and a terminal equipment to receive an up-signal frame transmitted from said terminal equipment to said network terminal equipment, ...

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An interworking apparatus for roaming among a plurality of mobile network having different inter-network signaling protocols is connected to the plurality of mobile networks and has a database record for holding network identity information for identifying a mobile network to which at least one mobi ...

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The present invention discloses an acid gas absorbent composition, comprising a diethylene glycol dialkyl ether represented by the general formula I:

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A color separation prism system for use in a TV camera which can separate R, G and B colors. The color separation prism system of the invention includes one or more air gaps each of which is formed between the prisms in a wedge shape that is open on the converging side of a luminous flux passing thr ...