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Between a circular conductor plate and a grounding conductor plate, lumped constant elements such as coils and capacitors are connected. As a result, the resonance frequency of an antenna can be changed in a wide range.

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A floor panel having a rectangular floor base integrally with a convex prop in each corner portion and a concave portion on the upper surface of each prop. There is a height adjusting screw with a plate embedded in the concave portion of each prop, variably for adjusting the height of the support po ...

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An interior panel according to the present invention comprises a plurality of support units fixedly arranged on a floor slab, a panel member supported by the support units so as to be located over the slab surface at a predetermined distance therefrom, and a cable separator supported by the support ...

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This invention relates to a apparatus for separating and feeding sheets such as sheets of paper comprising an accommodation box for accommodating the sheets of paper stacked by their own weight, a pick-up roller provided so that the upper surface thereof projects into the interior of the box to bear ...

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A surface acoustic wave device comprising a surface acoustic wave substrate member composed by forming an aluminum nitride film and a thin zinc oxide film successively on a glass substrate. The thickness h.sub.1 of the aluminum nitride film and the thickness h.sub.2 of the zinc oxide film are set wi ...

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A thermal transfer printer including a thermal head for generating heat in accordance with a desired print pattern, a platen having a surface for supporting an ink-sheet and paper, the ink-sheet and paper being pressed by the thermal head on the platen surface so that ink from the ink-sheet is trans ...

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A microwave power combining FET amplifier includes T-type input and output branch circuits 13, 14 for power splitting and combining, and interstage matching circuits 6a, 6b laterally connected at their mid-points a, b by a resistance circuit 15 which absorbs odd propagation mode waves reflected back ...

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This invention relates to an interior panel unit having a structure in which a plurality of rectangular floor base members to be installed on a foundation floor of a room are connected to each other by base joint members. A plurality of fundamental support members having the same height and a plural ...

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A microwave semiconductor switch wherein first and second field effect transistors and first, second and third input/output microstrip lines are integrally formed on a semiconductor substrate. The first field effect transistor is connected in series between the second input/output line and a junctio ...

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A distributed FET amplifier comprising an array of FET elements each having a gate terminal, a drain terminal and a source terminal. The gate terminals of the adjacent FET elements are connected by a first inductor, and the drain terminals of the adjacent FET elements are connected by a second induc ...