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The invention relates to an imidazolidine derivative represented by the following general formula (1): wherein A and B mean individually an aromatic hydrocarbon group which may be substituted by 1-3 substituents selected from halogen atoms, C1-4 alkyl groups, C1-4 alkoxy groups, C1-4 alkylenedioxy g ...



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A chymase inhibitor containing as its effective ingredient a quinazoline derivative, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, having the formula (1): and a pharmaceutical preparation for the prevention of cardiac and circulatory system diseases derived from abnormal exacerbation of Ang II prod ...



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A novel pyrrolidineamide derivative that exhibits inhibitory activity toward prolyl endopeptidase and its use as an inhibitor against said enzyme are provided. The pyrrolidineamide of the invention has the following general formula: wherein R is benzyloxycarbonyl or a group of the formula: (wherein ...



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A benzoxazine derivative and a benzothiazine derivative having the formula (I): wherein A is N or a CH group; B is O, S, an SO group or an SO2 group; W is O, S, a CRR group or an NR group wherein R and R are each independently a hydrogen atom, a CN group or an NO2 group; X, Y and Z are each independ ...