Fujun Bi, Ran Li, Shaun Bliss, Reza Nojoomi, Hong Yan: Multi-element confidence matching system and the method therefor. Webplus, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, October 30, 2001: US06311178 (147 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a computer matching system used by a plurality of users and the method therefor, said system comprising a database; an offer creation program means for creating an entity for an offer input by each user in the database and storing said offer therein; and a search eng ...

Fujun Bi: Krabbengericht und verfahren zu seiner herstellung. Beijing Harmony Food Eng, March 24, 1995: FR2709925-A1

This invention relates to golden cream shrimps, a kind of shrimp-containing food, and its preparation. The Golden Cream Shrimp of this invention is a product which is produced after the deheaded, peeled and deveined shrimps have been coated with cream base, dipped in egg fluid, coated with breadcrum ...



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