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A remote surgery supporting system and a method thereof produces a presentation of realism control data generated by realism control data generating means 101 from image data obtained from work environment data detecting means 104 and measurement data processing means 118 and from force and proximit ...

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A surgical apparatus for automatically and dynamically changing the constitution of a system and the operation of respective elements. The surgical apparatus includes a plurality of devices respectively, a supervisory controller having a transmission path among the plurality of devices for superviso ...

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A surgical operating apparatus which reduces an adverse influence caused by a diseased portion of a patient while a surgical operation is carried out by the surgical operating apparatus. The surgical operating apparatus includes a disease portion tissue manipulator for treating a treating subject po ...

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The invention relates to a tape transport mechanism in which two reels are respectively driven by different motors, thereby transporting a magnetic tape from one reel to another reel by passing through the portion of a read/write head without any variation in tension. At the initial stage to transpo ...

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A magnetic tape in a reel-to-reel magnetic apparatus is transported directly from a supply reel to a take-up reel without a mechanical buffer or a vacuum column buffer.

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The water drop removing apparatus for a camera lens assembly is arranged to automatically wipe off water drops or the like attached on the front face of the lens assembly to make field shooting in rainy or snowy weather easy. Injection nozzles consisting of a soft tube in the number of three, for ex ...