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An electrical control system is provided for automatic vehicle transmissions wherein the speed changing operation of a vehicle driving system is effected in response to the energization or deenergization of the solenoid coils of gear shifting solenoid valves. The electrical control system includes a ...


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A system for shifting the gear positions of an automatic transmission for a vehicle at a plurality of predetermined shift points in which an r.p.m. detecting a.c. generator is connected to the wheel driving system and the output from the AC generator is converted into a pulse signal. The number of p ...

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A map display system includes a control unit (10) to manually or automatically display the map data from a reduced or enlarged map data storage device (2) on the whole or part of a display area of a display device (1).

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There is provided a control circuit for electrically determining the ignition timing of an internal combustion engine. The most common type of the conventional spark-advance mechanisms is one in which the relative positions of a cam and contact points constituting a cam and electric contact assembly ...


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a condenser microphone, having a microphone element, constituted using a silicon substrate, wherein required acoustic characteristics are secured, and compact constitution is possible.SOLUTION: The microphone element 20, formed by arranging a vibration membrane 24 an ...

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When the difference between a voltage representative of a reference velocity which gradually falls off at a rate determined by an integrating constant and a voltage proportional to the rotating velocity of a rotating body, becomes greater than a predetermined value, the reference velocity voltage is ...

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A method of ultrasonic welding for a resin case (1,3) in which an ultrasonic vibration is applied to the resin case in a direction parallel to the welding surface.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electroacoustic transducer that has a proper sound pressure frequency characteristics by easily managing an aperture area of a vent hole.SOLUTION: A diaphragm unit section 3 has a diaphragm frame 51, a diaphragm 52 and a resin film 53. The diaphragm 52 is placed i ...