Sagawa Masato, Matsuura Yutaka, Fujimura Setsuo Hanazonodanchi: Permanently magnetizable alloys, magnetic materials and permanent magnets comprising febr or (fe,co)br (r=vave earth).. Sumitomo Spec Metals, May 2, 1984: EP0106948-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

Magnetic materials comprising Fe, B, R (rare earth elements) and Co having a major phase of Fe-Co-B-R intermetallic compound(s) of tetragonal system, and sintered anisotropic permanent magnets consisting essentially of, by atomic percent, 8-30% R (at least one of rare earth elements inclusive of Y), ...




Fujimura Setsuo Hanazonodanchi, Sagawa Masato, Matsuura Yutaka: Isotropic permanent magnets and process for producing same.. Sumitomo Spec Metals, November 14, 1984: EP0124655-A2 (10 worldwide citation)

Isotropic permanent magnet formed of a sintered body having a mean crystal grain size of 1-160 microns and a major phase of tetragonal system comprising, in atomic percent, 10-25% of R wherein R represents at least one of rare-earth elements including Y,3-23% of B and the balance being Fe. As additi ...