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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To apply steam to laundry before a washing process for decomposing stubborn sticking dirt such as fatty dirt and a stain and removing the decomposed dirt in the following washing process in a washing machine washing the laundry in a washing and spin-drying drum.SOLUTION: Operat ...

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It is intended to provide an aqueous liquid preparation which promotes the migration of a compound having an Rho kinase inhibitory activity toward a topical site and can sustain a definite drug concentration even in the case of decreasing the dosing frequency. This problem can be solved by an aqueou ...

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A hole injection layer, a hole transport layer, a mixture luminescent layer, a hole blocking layer, an electron injection layer and a cathode are formed on an anode. The mixture luminescent layer includes TCTA as a luminescent substance, Ir(ppy) as a substance emitting light through a triplet excite ...


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a washing machine with significant improvement in preventing generation of twining and twisting, hardly forming wrinkles while reasonably enhancing the effect of mechanical force.SOLUTION: A rotary drum 4 formed in a bottomed cylindrical shape is set inside a water t ...

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Disclosed is a cement-based joint body having excellent antifouling activity, such as excellent antimicrobial, fungicidal, or antialgal activity. This cement-based joint body comprises a hydraulic material, a particulate aggregate having a particle diameter of not more than 10 mu m, and an antimicro ...

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An aqueous lubrication treatment liquid for a cold plastic working of a metallic material comprises 4 to 160 g/l of a metallic soap, 50 to 400 g/l of a solid lubricant, 0.5 to 40 g/l of a dispersing surfactant for the metallic soap and the solid lubricant, and optionally a colloidal titanium compoun ...

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(EN) An external pharmaceutical composition characterized by containing 1) any of compounds of the following general formula (1) and/or its salt and 2) N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone. General formula (1): wherein X is a hydrogen atom or chlorine atom.(JA) not available

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a self-cleaning member which can easily wash away only by putting the sediment or contamination of various natures adhering to the surface to rainfall or stream and to provide a coating composition used for its production.SOLUTION: The self-cleaning member comprises ...