Guillard Alain, Ducholet Jean Francois, Fuentes Francois, Tsevery Jean Marc, Datchary Frederic: Installation for producing a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for injection into a subterranean hydrocarbon reservoir comprises an air separator, an oxygen consumption unit, a carbon dioxide separator and a mixer. Air Liquide, April 11, 2008: FR2906879-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

Installation for producing a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for injection into a subterranean reservoir to facilitate hydrocarbon production comprises an air separation unit producing oxygen and nitrogen, an oxygen consumption unit, a carbon dioxide separation and/or purification unit and a ...

Fuentes Francois: Process and apparatus for the combined production of synthetic ammonia and pure hydrogen.. Air Liquide, December 15, 1993: EP0574285-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the combined production, from synthesis gas, of pure hydrogen and ammonia. A synthesis gas flow is withdrawn (at 21) and treated first in a permeation unit (24) with return (at 28) of the unpermeated gas, whereas the permeate (32) is treated by adsorption (at 34) (35) (36), ...

Engler Yves, Fuentes Francois: Process and installation for the production of hydrogen and energy. Air Liquide, May 2, 1997: EP0770576-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A method for producing energy and a mixture rich in hydrogen comprises: (a) partially oxidizing a gas mixture containing hydrocarbons in an oxidation unit (14) by an oxidant mixture containing oxygen in order to obtain a gas (17) consisting of hydrogen and carbon monoxide; (b) passing the gas throug ...

Monereau Christian, Fuentes Francois, de Souza Guillaume: Method of making hydrogen by pressure swing adsorption in a psa unit from a charge gas containing hydrogen at a first pressure. Air Liquide, January 28, 2005: FR2857884-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The compressed residue is sent to a fuel gas mixture distributor at a second pressure (P2) and contains hydrogen. A fraction of the fuel gas mixture circulating in the distributor is sampled, compressed to the first pressure (P1) and injected as additional charge gas into the PSA unit. - The fractio ...

Darredeau Bernard, Fuentes Francois, Lehman Jean Yves, Wagner Marc: Vaporizer-condenser with thermosiphon and corresponding air distillation plant. Air Liquide, April 4, 2001: EP1088578-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The cross section of a series of passages (7) increases upwardly. An Independent claim is included for an air distillation plant containing a corresponding vaporizer-condenser (or heat exchanger) vaporizing liquid oxygen at low pressure, by condensing nitrogen at medium pressure. Preferred Features: ...

Darredeau Bernard, Fuentes Francois, Lehman Jean Yves, Wagner Marc: Vaporiseur-condenseur a thermosiphon et installation de distillation dair correspondante. Air Liquide, March 23, 2001: FR2798599-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Dans ce vaporiseur-condenseur à thermosiphon, les passages de vaporisation (7, 8) ont une section variable et présentent sur leur longueur une section de passage qui augmente de bas en haut.Application aux vaporiseurs-condenseurs principaux des doubles colonnes de distillation d'air.

Fuentes Francois: Adsorbervessel restart process for the purification of hydrogen.. Air Liquide, October 25, 1995: EP0678322-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The regeneration of an adsorbent in appts. for purifying hydrogen by pressure swing adsorption is carried out by depressurising then rendering inert under nitrogen. The improvement is that the adsorbent is repressurised with pure hydrogen and the adsorption cycle is restarted. Pref. the adsorbent co ...

Dubettier Grenier Richard, Fuentes Francois: Air separation unit feed procedure uses are from dedicated compressure and gas turbine compressor purified separately before feeding to separation unit. Air Liquide, October 22, 2004: FR2853958-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

The procedure consists of compressing air in a dedicated compressor (MAC) to a first pressure and compressing air in the compressor of a gas turbine to a second, different pressure. At least part of the air from the dedicated compressor is purified in a first purification unit (E1) and at least part ...

Fuentes Francois, Dolle Pierre Olivier: Process for the purification of hydrogen using a cascade of membranes with increasing selectivities. Air Liquide, March 13, 1996: EP0700710-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un procédé de séparation membranaire de l'hydrogène d'un mélange gazeux entrant composé majoritairement d'hydrogène et d'hydrocarbures, tel que celui provenant d'une raffinerie, du genre où l'on procède à une séparation membranaire sur au moins deux séparateurs membranaires succ ...

Wagner Marc, Fuentes Francois, Chatel Fabienne, Szulman Claire, Werlen Etienne: Undulating louver fin for plate heat exchanger comprises set of undulating legs connected alternately by undulating top and undulating base and provided with inclined flaps cut in legs. Air Liquide, November 22, 2002: FR2824895-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The fin comprises a set of undulating legs (23) connected alternately by an undulating top and by an undulating base. The legs are provided with flaps (25) cut in the legs and inclined at an angle ( alpha ) relative to the principal undulating direction (D1). The legs have a thickness (e), an averag ...