Fritz Hilzinger, Theodor Schwarz: Clip for surgical purposes. Aesculap Werke Aktiengesellschaft vormals Jetter & Scheerer, Wigman & Cohen, March 11, 1980: US04192315 (154 worldwide citation)

This disclosure relates to a clip for surgical purposes comprising a coil spring having at least one loop and a pair of crossing legs. The ends of the legs which extend beyond the crossing point are formed as clamping jaws. Because the portions of the legs adjoining the loop extend generally paralle ...

Karl Braun, Fritz Hilzinger, Erich Wintermantel: Approximator for anastomotic surgery. Aesculap Werke Aktiengesellschaft Vormals Jetter & Scheerer, Martin A Farber, May 25, 1982: US04331150 (10 worldwide citation)

An approximator having at least one pair of parallel guide bars which are connected to each other rigidly on one of their adjacent ends, and having at least one clamp of which one is arranged longitudinally displaceable on the guide bars of a pair and is fixable on these in any desired displaced pos ...

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