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To test the genuineness and/or condition of dollar bills or other substantially identical papers, one or more thickness gauges are positioned in the path of these papers and determine the deviations, if any, of the thickness of a passing specimen from a predetermined value or from the thickness of a ...

Fritz Gartner: Thermal-insulating window or facade arrangement in the transparent area. Josef Gartner & Co, Anthony J Casella, Gerald E Hespos, March 28, 1989: US04815245 (27 worldwide citation)

The thermal-insulating window or the thermal-insulating facade faces in the transparent area are clamped in a frame (80) which is formed as composite profile with double insulation. The glazing (82) consists of a triple glazing, the panes (102, 104, 106) being connected via vapor-tight spacers (108, ...

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In a swing-tilt fitting for mounting the wing of a window or door to its frame, an arresting means is provided which is operatively associated with the locking rod linkage which controls the operational mode of the wing. Since between every two of the three positions (closure, swinging, tilting) of ...

Fritz Gartner: Process for the installation of curtain walls and apparatus for the execution of the process. Josef Gartner & Co, Jerome P Bloom, December 3, 1985: US04555890 (5 worldwide citation)

The invention basically provides for the installation of a curtain wall of a building using prefabricated wall elements of reasonable size provided in the interior of the building, on an existing floor thereof, while construction is taking place. Each wall element is carried across the floor where i ...

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Apparatus providing a weld-free joint for intersecting pipes or tubes within a conduit system includes conduit means defining a first flow path extending in one direction and further conduit means defining a second flow path extending in a second direction which intersects said first flow path and h ...