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A conjugate of methotrexate to an antibody is prepared by loading methotrexate onto an aminodextran, then specifically conjugating the polymer carrier to the carbohydrate portion of an antitumor antibody, using a reduced Schiff base linkage. The conjugate is useful for tumor targeted therapy.

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The present invention relates to conjugates of diagnostic or therapeutic principles, such as drugs, toxins, chelators, boron compounds and detectable labels, to an antibody, in which the diagnostic or therapeutic principle is first loaded onto a polymer carrier such as an aminodextran or a polypepti ...

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Antibodies specific to specific CEA epitopes and epitopes of CEA-cross-reactive antigens are provided. Methods of use of these antibodies and purified CEA antigens and cross-reactive antigens are also provided.

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Immunoassay system for determining the amount of a polyvalent ligand in a liquid test sample, and based on: