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An automatic flushing and cleaning system for membrane separation machines such as reverse osmosis machines having plural modules or membranes. Cleaning may be by way of reducing the pressure to allow the membrane to relax, by the injection of air or inert gas to provide turbulence, and/or by inject ...

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This invention relates to a series of treatments, both physical and chemical, to plant biomass resulting in the production of ethanol, lignin, and a high protein animal feed supplement. In plants having a high silica content, a fourth product is obtained, silica/caustic oxide (silicates solution, wa ...

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A bolt-action firearm, of the type having a bolt rotatably movable between closed and open positions, has an improved bolt latch mechanism which is operable independently of a safety mechanism. The latch locks the bolt in closed position automatically when the firing pin is cocked, and releases the ...

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A releasable bolt lock for two position safety firearms which can be actuated separate from the safety lever and which allows the unloading of the rifle with the safety in the "safe" or "on" position.

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A racket stringing machine utilizing an improved retaining standard for securing a racket to be strung in a fixed position. The retaining standard includes a vise portion and a clamp portion. The clamp portion has an attached rod that fits into a hole in the vise. The clamp portion serves to maintai ...

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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for extracting large form panels used in forming floor slabs on poured-in-place, multi-story concrete structures from beneath the slab they last formed. The preferred embodiment apparatus, called a panel picker, includes a frame held by a crane above and adjacent ...

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Porous, tubular core sections coated with a semipermeable membrane are joined at their ends by a simplified coupling member. Each coupling member or connector comprises a cylindrical flange member having circularly barbed or serrated nipples which fit tightly into the ends of bores of adjacent core ...