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A method for continuously forming wide, thin chewing gum slabs suitable for forming sheets and bands ready for packaging in an automatic wrapping machine is disclosed. The method involves compounding a chewing gum paste; extruding the formed gum paste as a wide thin slab through a die mounted on the ...

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The selectivity of an adsorbent for the preferentially adsorbed component of a multi-component solution is improved by means of a countercurrent adsorption process coupled with a reflux operation wherein the loaded adsorption medium which is taken off stream as spent adsorbent is processed to concen ...

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An extrusion nozzle arrangement for the production of a product such as a comestible, including a multiple nozzle arrangement through which there can be fabricated a multi-layered slab of a meat analogue product. A bacon-like appearance is achieved in that each extrusion nozzle includes a narrow, el ...