Frank Yuen: Surgical retractor device. Collard Roe & Galgano, January 15, 1991: US04984564 (332 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a surgical retractor which comprises an inflatable sleeve that may be deflated, when not in use, so as to assume a precoiled position; and which may be inflated by air pressure, when in use, so as to define an uncoiled generally circular aperture.

Frank Yuen: Needle assembly. Collard Roe & Galgano, October 30, 1990: US04966591 (55 worldwide citation)

A needle assembly for use in withdrawing bodily fluids has a body and a hollow needle extending through the body along a centrally located axis therethrough. The needle has a first end extending outwardly along the axis from a first side of the body and a second end extending from a second side of t ...

Frank Yuen: Syringe assembly. Collard Roe & Galgano, March 13, 1990: US04908023 (29 worldwide citation)

A syringe assembly having a hollow barrel, a plunger and a hypodermic needle and is discardable after a single use. The hypodermic needle has a first end fixedly secured to and in communication with the barrel and has a free end for the discharge of medication therefrom upon the downward movement of ...

Frank Yuen: Story book food tray. Collard Roe & Galgano, June 26, 1990: US04936462 (23 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a story book that has two pages, with the first page having the beginning part of a story displayed therein; and with the second page having the ending of the story located beneath a food tray, which when filled with food hides the story but when emptied of food reve ...