Ray A Dooley, Frank R Wood: Monitor car transportation and storage conveyor system. Automated Conveyor Systems, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, October 19, 1976: US03986605 (27 worldwide citation)

An accumulating conveyor system for transporting and storing plural loads, formed of a pair of laterally spaced parallel lines of non-powered rollers and an intervening load advancing car reciprocative along advance and return strokes between the ends of the roller lines. The load advancing car has ...

Frank R Wood: Compound change gear transmission. Eaton Corporation, A E Chrow, September 8, 1992: US05144863 (5 worldwide citation)

Provided is an improved multi-speed compound change gear transmission having an auxiliary section (14) that includes a conventional single fluid chambered splitter gear piston assembly (46) for selectively coupling either a range gear (6) to an output shaft or a splitter range gear (62) to an input ...

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