James W Ogilvie, Frank R Ogilvie: Anterior spinal implant. Regents of the University of Minnesota, Kinney & Lange, January 13, 1987: US04636217 (514 worldwide citation)

A spinal implant prosthetic insert for implantation into a void in the spinal column in place of a diseased or injured vertebra that has been removed. The insert maintains the height of the anterior spinal column, thus preventing deformity from occurring. The prosthesis insert is implanted into the ...

Frank R Ogilvie, James W Ogilvie: Human powered machine and conveyance with reciprocating pedals. Boniard I Brown, June 30, 1992: US05125677 (190 worldwide citation)

A machine powered by forces exerted by the machine user on machine driving members, such as pedals, which drive a rotary driven member through a unique variable ratio drive system. The machine may be constructed and arranged for use as either a vehicular conveyance for the machine, user or a station ...

James W Ogilvie, Frank R Ogilvie: Squeeze motion to rotary motion tilt head driver. Reagents of the University of Minnesota, Kinney & Lange, August 15, 1989: US04856385 (10 worldwide citation)

A driving tool having a tiltable head lockable into a plurality of positions for imparting rotating motion to an output device as the result of squeezing two handle members.

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A cab for a medium-sized farm tractor includes a body portion that is pivotally attached to the chassis of the tractor for pivotal motion between a raised and lowered position. Preferably, the cab is a monocoque structure and is pivotally attached to the tractor at a forward end of the cab so that i ...