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Multi-lumen wire guide introducer and method of inserting a wire guide or the like into the introducer prior to positioning the introducer in a vessel of the vascular system of a patient. The multi-lumen wire guide introducer comprises a tubular member formed of a semi-rigid plastic material such as ...

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A multiple lumen vascular access introducer sheath having a main lumen for introduction of another device such as a catheter therethrough and into the vascular system and a secondary lumen having a cross-sectional area significantly less than that of the main lumen for infusion of small doses of med ...

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A sling for supporting a urethra in a patient has characteristics for resisting pull-out, roll-over and a combination of both pull-out and roll-over. To facilitate resistance to pull-out, sling material has protuberances or serrations to resist movement once placed in the patient by the surgeon. Imp ...


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Method and apparatus are disclosed for replacing an endotracheal tube. The apparatus comprises an endotracheal tube obturator having an air passageway therein and a removable connector positioned at the proximal end of the obturator tube for ventilating the patient during replacement of the endotrac ...

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A method and device 10 for providing an ostomy 102 through the wall 100 of the trachea are particularly advantageous in allowing the ostomy 102 to be formed atraumatically and to be enlarged without risk of perforating the rear of the trachea. The method employs a balloon catheter 16 including an in ...

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A retrieval device for use in renal, biliary, vascular or other systems of a body includes a collapsible basket in a narrow sheath. A surgeon advances the device beyond an object to be removed from a body, such as a kidneystone, a gallstone, or a thrombus. The surgeon then retracts the sheath or adv ...