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A mechanical scanning dual-image display device utilizes two separate scanning mirror mechanisms with a common control that forces the scanning mirrors to move in opposition, and substantially cancel reaction forces. This cancellation is accomplished by providing each of the mirrors with an individu ...

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A flow control system for packet transmission networks is centered in the user applications supplying data to the network. Changes in control are responsive to changes in the transmission parameters of the network, measured in the network and transmitted to the user application. The user application ...

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A process for improving cake baking properties of wheat flour is disclosed. The process includes the steps of introducing a quantity of wheat flour into a container which is provided with mixing devices; heating the wheat flour at a temperature in the range of 110.degree.-140.degree. C. to dry the w ...

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A fully automatic infinitely variable torque converter bicycle transmission makes use of cam followers acting between a driver wheel connected with an input and a follower wheel connected with an output. Torque is varied by varying a radial position of the cam followers relative to the driver wheel ...