Peng Gong
Francisco X Gomez, Joseph F Mockus, Peng Gong: Multi-band, multiple purpose antenna particularly useful for operation in cellular and global positioning system modes. Andrew Corporation, Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz, February 8, 2000: US06023245 (61 worldwide citation)

A multiple use, multi-band antenna for mobile wireless communication and global positioning has includes a elongated cellular radiating element and a GPS radiating element supported atop the cellular radiating element. The cellular radiating element has a continuous body portion of varying diameter ...

Peng Gong
Peng Gong, Francisco X Gomez: Dual band, glass mount antenna and flexible housing therefor. Andrew Corporation, Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz, April 25, 2000: US06054961 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a dual band, omni-directional antenna having a symmetrical radiating structure defined by a pair of conductive portions interconnected by a tuning bridge formed on a printed circuit board. An outer housing holds the circuit board in place. An adhesive layer is us ...

Francisco X Gomez, Peter Fink, Joseph F Mockus, Kevin M Campbell: RF coupler for concealed mobile telecommunications systems utilizing window-mounted antennas and systems using same. Andrew Corporation, Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz, December 21, 1999: US06005527 (13 worldwide citation)

An RF coupler that provides an interconnection between a mobile telecommunication device and an antenna includes a housing having a threaded coaxial connection. Two antenna contacts extend outwardly from the interior of the housing and over a mounting surface thereof. The mounting surface has an adh ...

Francisco X Gomez, Ronald Langenberg, Xin Du: Antenna adapter assembly for portable cellular telephone. Andrew Corporation, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, November 10, 1998: US05835064 (12 worldwide citation)

An adapter assembly is provided for adapting a portable cellular telephone to receive an external replacement antenna or an external direct feed connection by replacing the internal antenna connection of the cellular telephone. The adapter assembly includes a body portion with an antenna-receiving b ...

Francisco X Gomez: Universal mounting system for mobile telecommunications antennas. The Antenna Company, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, March 26, 1996: US05502452 (11 worldwide citation)

A self-adjusting antenna mounting assembly includes a protective base cap member which engages a vehicle antenna base and a contact extension cartridge. The contact cartridge includes a spring-biased hollow contact sleeve which biases the contact sleeve within a cavity so that it adjusts for varying ...

Xin Du, Francisco X Gomez: Multi-band antenna. Andrew Corporation, Babcock IP, October 26, 2004: US06809686 (11 worldwide citation)

A multi-band antenna with a radiator element located between a ring element with a feed leg and at least one ground leg, and a ground plane. The radiator element may be arranged in a substantially parallel orientation with and electrically isolated from the ring element and the ground plane. The ant ...

Francisco X Gomez, Henry Ryman, Joseph F Mockus: Transmission line terminations and junctions. Andrew Corporation, Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz, October 3, 2000: US06126453 (9 worldwide citation)

Termination and junction assemblies for flat strip transmission line links are shown to include a protective cover, an electrically conductive ground sleeve, a spring signal contact and a double-sided adhesive pad. A flat strip transmission line link is inserted into the ground sleeve until the cont ...

Francisco X Gomez, Roger K Fisher, Jose De Jesus Marin, Jorge Sierra Lira, Howard M Tibbetts: Grounding assembly for programming cellular telephones. Andrew Corporation, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, March 16, 1999: US05884195 (8 worldwide citation)

A grounding assembly is provided for a cellular telephone and is integrated into a battery modules for the cellular telephone. The assembly permits a user to manually access the manual test pin of the telephone body portion from the exterior without necessitating removal of the battery module from t ...

Francisco X Gomez: Sealable antenna housing. Andrew, Welsh & Katz, August 10, 2004: US06773018 (5 worldwide citation)

A watertight antenna assembly adapted for mounting on a mounting surface includes a sealing gasket having a body portion and a peripheral edge, and a continuous sidewall formed with the peripheral edge. A radome is releasably mounted to the sealing gasket forming a cavity therebetween. The sealing g ...