Francisco Lorente Codorniu: Double-layer forming fabric. Nordiska Maskinfilt Aktiebolaget, January 31, 1978: US04071050 (99 worldwide citation)

A double-layer forming wire for paper-making, cellulose and similar machines, said wire being particularly arranged to prevent marking on the material to be formed. The wire comprises two layers of weft yarns interconnected by warp threads, the weft layer intended to face the material to be formed ( ...

Arne Boris Johansson, Francisco Lorente Codorniu, Ingvald Strandly: Forming fabric and a method for its manufacture. Nordiska Maskinfilt Aktiebolaget, August 16, 1977: US04041989 (91 worldwide citation)

A forming fabric for use in paper-making, cellulose or similar machines. The fabric comprising two layers of synthetic weft threads and synthetic warp threads. The latter interconnecting the weft thread layers but also binding separately the weft threads of the layer forming the paper making side of ...

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