Scott A Elrod, Eric Peeters, Francisco E Torres, David K Biegelsen, John L Dunec, Alan G Bell: Apparatus and method for using electrostatic force to cause fluid movement. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, Linda M Robb, Daniel B Curtis, December 12, 2006: US07147763 (60 worldwide citation)

A device for effecting motion of liquid droplets on a surface through the use of electrostatic field force includes a single substrate on which are disposed a plurality of spaced-apart electrodes. A dielectric material surrounds the electrodes on the substrate. The surface on which the liquid drople ...


Alan G Bell, Richard H Bruce, Scott A Elrod, Eric Peeters, Francisco E Torres: Apparatus and method for a nanocalorimeter for detecting chemical reactions. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, Linda M Robb, November 28, 2006: US07141210 (36 worldwide citation)

A nanocalorimeter array for detecting chemical reactions includes at least one thermal isolation region residing on a substrate. Each thermal isolation region includes at least one thermal equilibration region, within which resides a thermal measurement device connected to detection electronics.

Richard H Bruce, Dirk De Bruyker, Francisco E Torres, Michal V Wolkin: Thermal sensing. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, Leading Edge Law Group, James T Beran, January 6, 2009: US07473030 (19 worldwide citation)

In thermal sensing devices, such as for calorimetry, a support layer or central layer can have a thermometer element or other thermal sensor on one side and a thermally conductive structure or component on the other. The thermally conductive structure can conduct temperature or other thermal input s ...

Garland J Nichols, Min Hong Fu, Gary R Fague, James P Bareman, Francisco E Torres: Ink composition for ink jet printing. Xerox Corporation, Judith L Byorick, September 26, 2000: US06124376 (16 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a process which comprises incorporating into an ink jet printing apparatus an ink composition which comprises water, a colorant, and a polymer of the formula ##STR1## wherein m, n, x, and y are each integers representing the number of repeat monomer units, and wherein the ratio of x:y i ...

Francisco E Torres, Richard H Bruce, Rodney Turner: Screening for ligand binding at specific target sites. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, Fay Sharpe, September 2, 2008: US07419835 (16 worldwide citation)

A method for screening of compounds for binding differentiation at various drug target binding sites is used with a device measuring the enthalpy of reaction for the binding. The method includes merging test ligand with target compound and merging test ligand with target compound in the presence of ...

Francisco E Torres: Bichromal beads having electrolytes therein. Xerox Corporation, Annette L Bade, January 1, 2002: US06335818 (12 worldwide citation)

A display media and display apparatus with a substrate, and bichromal beads having an electrolyte and a polymer, wherein the bichromal beads are dispersed or contained in the substrate are set forth.

Naveen Chopra, Peter M Kazmaier, Francisco E Torres: Microcapsule composition. Xerox Corporation, Zosan S Soong, December 10, 2002: US06492025 (9 worldwide citation)

A composition including: a plurality of microcapsules each including one to five particles in a liquid droplet, and a complex coacervation induced shell encapsulating the liquid droplet and the one to five particles.

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