Forrest L Poska: Supercritical tar sand extraction. Phillips Petroleum Company, July 27, 1982: US04341619 (35 worldwide citation)

An integrated process for the recovery of carbonaceous material from tar sands by supercritical extraction involving countercurrent flow of the tar sand and the solvent is disclosed.

Martin R Cines, Forrest L Poska: Production of carbon monoxide from carbonaceous material and zinc oxide. Phillips Petroleum Company, January 2, 1979: US04132764 (7 worldwide citation)

A carbon source and zinc oxide are reacted in a reactor to form a gas consisting essentially of carbon monoxide and zinc; the zinc is separated from the gas and reoxidized in indirect heat exchange relationship with the reaction mixture of the carbon source and the zinc oxide. A portion of the carbo ...

Jack N Finch, Forrest L Poska: Methanation process. Phillips Petroleum Company, July 8, 1980: US04211718 (4 worldwide citation)

Methane is prepared by contacting carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the presence of a supported iridium-containing or rhodium-containing catalyst and a small, effective amount of steam to maintain methanation catalyst activity. In another embodiment, the methanation activity of supported iridium-conta ...