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A process for producing petroleum from a subterranean reservoir is provided whereby a solvent equal in density or more dense than water is circulated between upper and lower perforations in a first well in order to dissolve petroleum in an ever-widening volume around the well bore until communicatio ...

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A method for recovering oil from a subterranean oil reservoir which has a finite water saturation and is deficient in energy so that it will not flow by natural means, whereby, first, steam is injected into the reservoir at a faster volumetric rate than production is taken from the reservoir in orde ...

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A method of recovering hydrocarbons from a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation wherein a mixture of steam and a minor amount of an interfacial tension reducer, such as quinoline, etc. is introduced into the formation and oil displaced through the formation is recovered through a production we ...

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A method of initiating in-situ combustion in a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation by igniting a hydrocarbon fuel-air mixture in an input well by contacting the air with a pyrophoric material to give a spontaneous combustion reaction which thereafter initiates combustion of the hydrocarbon fu ...



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PATTERNS HAVING HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL WELLS (D#78,448-F) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE The invention is a well pattern containing at least onesubstantially horizontal production well approximately located onand parallel to an axis running between two substantiallyvertical production wells with the ho ...