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A tire building apparatus having an expandable-collapsible drum for which an elastic tubular membrane forms the drum surface, and a pair of annular members disposed for radial and axial movement on and relative to a pair of rigid axially movable end members cooperable with the membrane to expand the ...

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A tire-building drum of the collapsible type having a plurality of segments which, in the expanded condition of the drum, collectively form a tire-building surface. Radial movement of the segments between the expanded and collapsed condition of the drum is controlled by two sets of links one of whic ...

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TIRE CARCASS ASSEMBLY Abstract of the Disclosure Method and apparatus for assembling a tire carcasscomprising a precarcass band and a pair of inextensiblebead rings. me band is built and consolidated on aform having a rigid cylindrical surface. me band in-cludes at least one cord or wire-reinforced ...