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A method of locating a portable communication unit (108) having a transmitter (852) for transmitting acknowledge back signals, consists of the steps of transmitting, to the portable communication unit (108) from the communication cell transmitters (104), an information signal which consists of a pre ...


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A pitch determiner (414) for use with a speech analyzer includes a pitch function generator (414) which generates a plurality of pitch components representing a pitch function for one or more sequential segments of speech. which are represented by a predetermined number of digitized speech samples. ...


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In the present invention, the subscriber unit (200) obtains a set of access point identifiers and measurement opportunity information for each access point identifier. A first measurement is performed on a first access point identified from the set of access point identifiers. A current timer value ...

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An apparatus codes excitation parameters for very low bit rate voice messaging using a method that processes a voice message to generating speech parameters. The speech parameters are separated (316) to produce a first group of energy parameters and a second group of pitch and voicing parameters. Su ...




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A method and apparatus is provided for a low bit rate speech transmission. Speech spectral parameter vectors are generated from a voice message and stored in a sequence of speech spectral parameter vectors within a speech spectral parameter matrix. A first index identifying a first speech parameter ...